Realisation : 2012
Modeling : Blender 2.62
Rendering : Octane
Hardware used for rendering: Two GTX580 3GB

My goal was to create a Parisian like apartment with some modern furniture but keeping some old stuffs like wooden parquet, windows, metal balcony or fireplace.

Render time : As always it depends from one image to another but it may varies from 2h to about 5h

Basically I render the images using PMC (with or without protals) as it has a better light convergance for indoor renderings. The image is lit with HDR map. I tend to render a second image using direct lighting and sun for lighting and I mix them together in postpro. It's very fast, about 10 to 20 min, it is a quick way to add sun over a hdr map and it also help removing some residual noise as direct lighting produces sharp surfaces.

Postprocessing :

  • To remove residual noise
  • To combine PMC and direct lighting images
  • To fix some lighting and contrast and to improve light entering from windows fx
  • To add CA

The making of :

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