This is the first project I made using the new and very promising version of Octane fully integrated into Blender (Still in beta).

I recently discovered on the net some very impressive images about the decline of Detroit, very sad but very strong and inspiring. I was really fascinated by some shot series probably well known by some of you, with wonderful buildings witness of a very thriving period.

Those images inspired me for a new project where once again the texturing would be one of the biggest challenge considering the CUDA limitation of 64 RGB textures and 32 BW textures. I used several reference photos to set up the scene.

Firstly I rendered the image in color and finally decided to go for a high desaturated version with some residual color spots to get something stronger.

I used two GTX580 for the rendering in 3840x2200, the final image is downsized in 1920x1100.
As often I made one shot with sun light and another one with HDR lighting and mixed them.
Rendering time for the sun shot was about 20 min with the pathtrace mode about 40 min for the HDR one.

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