This project has been awarded on the great 3DTotal site.

See the 3DTotal publication here.

3DTotal also asked me to write a making of for this project, you may discover it here.


Here is an outdoor scene integrating a villa inspired by the Type Variant house (Vincent James Associates Architects) which is another project I started some times ago and that I hope to finish one day.

The goal wasn't to achieve a photoreal result but something with a more painting feeling, at least for some images.

Nothing special to say from technical point of vue, as usual I mixed sunlight result with an hdr lit render and of course lot of instances to create all that nature environment.

Everything was modeled in Blender, trees are generated with my own tree generator script.

Rendered with Octane Standalone.

Render time from 30 min to 1h on two gtx580.

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