During those last years I realized that I created quite many models, for this new personal project I choose to put some of them in a furniture store and I used a old industrial building for that with few re-factoring and keeping the old concrete base environment.
As usual everything was modeled with Blender and render with Octane Render. In such a complex environment I suspected a lot of renders so I decided to only use the Direct Light Ambient Occlusion kernel to keep the rendering time under 1h, due to lack of indirect light with DL AO, some postpro was required to get a better lightning and all in all I'm quite satisfied with the result.

The rendering time was from 30min to 1h depending on the scene complexity and resolution.
Some images was rendered in 1200x1600 (portrait) and for landscape 2560x1440 and 4000x2000.
The scene is lit with sunlight and hdr map.

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